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Empowerment Day
Mallory Cook

EMS students engaged in inspiring sessions led by community members for Empowerment Day! 


Vicky Robinson recognized for being "Everyday Amazing"
Mallory Cook

Vicky Robinson was recently recognized by the mothers of two different eighth grade students. Both moms say that Ms. Robinson supports students academically and beyond by being a positive influence and showing kindness.

"Let me just start off by saying, if I could have Ms. Robinson teach my children throughout the rest of their school years I would pick her a thousand times. I have a daughter who she teaches and she always comes home telling me about the wonderful things she’s learned in her class. Her grades are always good. My daughter never has problems with her work because Ms. Robinson takes her time and give each student her attention, she makes sure that every student learns at their on pace. Thank you Ms.Robinson !" - submitted by Mrs. Chrystal Dawkins

"Ms. Robinson has been a constant support for my daughter during her elementary and middle school years, checking in on her regularly and always stepping in when needed, without hesitation. She has exemplified such a pure love for the students and her role as a teacher and influencer. I am grateful for Ms. Robinson. Thank you so much!" - Patrice Ray

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EMS band receives "Excellent" rating at MPA
Mallory Cook

The Eastwood Middle School band performed at the Alabama Bandmasters Music Performance Assessment for the first time in 14 years, where they were evaluated by a panel of judges. They received a II, or an Excellent Rating. This group has been working tirelessly and we are so proud of our musicians and their director, Mr. Hinton!

Sharnetha Jackson recognized for being "Everyday Amazing."
Mallory Cook

Eastwood Middle School's Sharnetha Jackson was recently recognized by the parent of a student. By simply taking the time to listen and offer encouragement, she is helping change a student's life through mentoring and positive interactions.

"Dear Ms. Jackson, thank you for the love and support you show to all students. I appreciate the love you give to my daughter, especially when she has moments of fear. You reassure her that everything is going to be fine. The time you put in for small group with students who need a little extra help, shows your dedication and commitment to the students. Thank you, YOU ROCK!" - submitted by Vicky Robinson

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EMS math team attends MathCounts competition.
Mallory Cook

The Eastwood Middle School Math Team competed in the MathCounts competition Saturday at the University of Alabama. 

MathCounts is a prestigious middle school math competition that takes place at local MathCounts chapters across the nation. Students are challenged on high-level math questions and have the opportunity to interact with peers from across the city. 

The competition consisted of three timed math competitions. The Eastwood students each competed individually in the sprint and target competition rounds, and one team of four competed in the team round. Students also participated in the unofficial countdown round, an oral competition where they went head-to-head with other students using a buzzer. 

The learning continued in intermissions between rounds. Some of the students’ favorite intermission activities were viewing and learning about the self-driving car and learning to create movement in video games using their body rather than a controller. 

We are so proud of the hard work and dedication these students showed at Saturday’s competition. The students who competed are listed below:

  • Justin Simon
  • Kaylee Frierson
  • Zyla Broussard
  • Amari Rice
  • Caden Thomas
  • Keneil Gross
  • LeQuentin Hinton Jr.
  • Abram Hood
  • Jordyn Eatmon
  • Zykeria Trone

Special thanks to Mrs. T. Peoples and Ms. B. Chapman for preparing our students for this competition, and to our parents and families that came out to support.